ॐ Yoga with Lybsta ॐ


Sat Nam!

Libby is an international yoga teacher with roots in Tampa, Florida.

A strong yoga practice can:

  • Supplement a Personal Training Program
  • Help with Weight Loss Goals
  • Assist in Recovery from an Illness or Injury
  • Prepare for or Recovery from Giving Birth
  • Gain More Flexibility
  • Calm Stress and Strong Emotions
  • Train the mind and body conjunctively

Libby Creagh is an international yoga teacher offering heart-focused, Spirit-centered yoga, meditation, and Reiki.  Her classes incorporate aspects of Anusara, Viniyoga, Vinyasa, and Kundalini to create a unique yoga experience.  Classes encourage a strong alignment of the body and breath and use mantraflowing yoga, therapeutic yoga, and kriyas.

No matter the lineage, I believe that a true yoga practice leads within.

  Contact me to schedule either a private class or yoga for a group.


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